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The Fool

Image of Zero The Fool tarot card

Zero – The Fool is a naive, happy go lucky kind of person. He is each and everyone of us as we go through life’s journey.

Image of Zero The Fool tarot card

Zero The Fool

We all must traverse our life. We have to suffer through the bad times and rejoice during the good.

The Fool is no fool he is just a person who doesn’t know what is ahead. He/She is just trying to make the best out of life they can.

The Fool’s number is zero. His  number holds within it all possibilities. Zero is an ever continuing circle. It holds within it all numbers and no numbers. We say of every child when they are born that they can grow up to be anything they want. Well that is also what we say of the Fool.

From the fact that the Fool’s number is zero and I have told you that it is an ever continuing circle you will understand that the Fool’s journey never ends. We continually are achieving things and then starting anew. We transform during our lives, our thoughts and personality are not set in stone. I know that at 30 I was not same person I was at 16. I had mellowed and had children which changed a lot of perspections.

Now at 55 I am much different again. I am a fool and I am on a journey that never ends. When I pass from this world, I believe that I will continue to go on.

So it is with the Fool he meets many an interesting character along the way. They bend him and mould him, they point him in varying directions and at the end of his journey through the Major Arcana he comes to the beginning again in the card of The World a circle that shows he has now integrated all he has learnt to become a more fully developed person.

It is now time for him to continue on his next adventure. To learn more about himself and others and to continue learning and integrating all the different parts of his personality both in the physical world as well as the spiritual.

So come with me on this journey. Together, you might just be surprised at what we learn!!

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